Useful Covid-19 Mental Health Resources

Emotional Health Referrals, Education and Support for the Jewish community

Relief Resources is an international nonprofit organization that provides mental health guidance, education, and treatment recommendations for individuals

What we do

We serve as a bridge between the client and their next steps and providing clarity about what kind of professional would be helpful for their situation. We operate an extensive database and make specific referrals based on each client’s unique circumstances. Relief exists to simplify the process of gathering mental and emotional health resource options for members of the Jewish community.

What we value


Maintaining the confidentiality of our clients is our highest priority. To that end, Relief takes great measures to ensure that our services are absolutely confidential, even within our close-knit community. No one should ever be held back from getting the help they need for fear of having their personal matters disclosed.


We invest a great deal of time and energy in maintaining Relief’s database of resources, including meeting new professionals, updating existing resources with client’s experiences, and finding treatment facilities appropriate for members of our community.


Relief understands the cultural nuances and unique concerns of the many segments of the Jewish community. We work hard to make sure that our interactions with clients and the referrals we provide are geared for the specific background and identity of each client. We also provide education to professionals and facilities to enhance their understanding of our community.