Useful Covid-19 Mental Health Resources

Relief Resources Holds International Team Conference

The frum world’s familiarity today with the field of mental-health care has come a long way. Although the need for it is unfortunate, this is a praiseworthy accomplishment of the klal and its leaders.
Consider the quality of treatment that people now expect. Equal if not greater effort is now spent on obtain-ing the most suitable mental-health care as physical-health care. A field that a short while back was unknown and even derided is now well-known and sought out when needed. Who is credited for this development? Who has navigated the search mission for such a high standard of quality mental-health care?

So many who have dealt with mental-health issues don’t know how they would have managed without the referral services of Relief. Aside from those calling for themselves, Rabbanim, relatives, doctors and friends all turn to Relief Resources to assist them in getting the appropriate help for those who need it. Many mental-health professionals as well call Relief when they need to send a client for additional or more specialized treatment. The sensitivity, knowledge and professionalism of the dedicated Relief Resources staff have earned them widespread respect and help callers feel secure speaking with them.

How is this organization so successful? How have they developed that high level of professionalism? Where does all that knowledge come from? How do they treat each caller with sensitivity when they are doing this all day, every day?

A glimpse into last week’s Inter-national Relief Team Conference may help answer those questions. All members of the international referral team, from New York, Lakewood, Baltimore, Canada, the UK and Israel, came together for a two-day conference in the Lakewood Hilton Garden Inn. Under the skillful guidance of Dr. David Lieberman, who moderated the discussions, a program was designed. The objective was very clear. How can we improve our services to even bet-ter help even more people?
The conference was successful beyond all expectations. The camaraderie and determination to learn from one another was itself extremely empowering.

Various details of the referral pro-cess were discussed and debated. Much of the attention was around the issue of caller comfort, including discussion of what to say and how to say it to ensure that any unnecessary pain is avoided. The strict confidentiality policies, for which Relief is known and trusted, were also addressed and reviewed.

Dr. Lieberman presented on the topic of time management. For a relatively small staff that handles over 10,000 referrals a year, that’s certainly a skill that can always use strengthening.
Knowing that such a conference was planned and considering the topics selected for discussion, there is no longer any question of how this organization has had such success. Although the team members attribute their hatzlachah to the help of Hash-em, we can see why Hashem chose to help these people succeed in their outstanding work.