Useful Covid-19 Mental Health Resources

Relief exists to simplify the process of gathering mental and emotional health resource options for members of the Jewish community.

We serve as a bridge between the client and their next steps and providing clarity about what kind of professional would be helpful for their situation. We operate an extensive database and make specific referrals based on each client’s unique circumstances.

The process starts with a phone call between the individual seeking help and a Relief “referral specialist.” The caller explains the issue they are dealing with, and the referral specialist helps clarify the details relevant to providing helpful recommendations.

The referral specialist may provide some education about what the treatment options are for the kind of challenge the individual is encountering. This education can be enlightening for the caller even before any specific recommendation is made.

Once the caller feels comfortable with a specific type of treatment (e.g. therapy, psychiatry, etc.), the referral specialists will work to identify the best specific professional for the individual, taking into account the specifics of the situation and the caller’s preferences. The referral specialist then provides the details and contact information for the professionals recommended and answers any other questions the caller may have.

If the client is willing, the referral specialist will follow up and see how the referral worked out and make additional recommendations if necessary.

We have built and continue to refine our professional database.

We meet regularly with clinicians all over the globe to stay abreast of the most recent developments and services available in that particular area.

We provide in-house training to all of our support staff.

We invest a great deal in our knowledge base and to that end, we travel regularly to visit treatment centers and both in and outpatient care facilities.

We are committed to research and make sure that our entire staff is up to date with the most current, evidence-based research and treatment practices.

We gather information about the effectiveness of referrals made and are constantly reevaluating and updating our database. Resources

Where confidentiality is concerned, we go above and beyond the requirements of the law to protect the confidentiality of our clients

There is no financial exchange between Relief and our clinicians or our clients.

We are a donor-funded non-profit organization.