How Does the Process Work:

  • The process starts with a phone call between the individual seeking help and a Relief “referral specialist.” The caller explains the issue they are dealing with, and the referral specialist helps clarify the details relevant to providing suitable recommendations.
  • Once the caller feels comfortable with a specific type of treatment, the referral specialist will identify the best suited professional for the individual, taking into account the specifics of the situation and the caller’s preferences.
  • The referral specialist will follow up and see how the referral worked out and make additional recommendations if necessary.
  • We gather information about the effectiveness of referrals made and are constantly reevaluating and tweaking our recommendations. 
  • We are strictly committed to maintaining our client's confidentiality, which is why community members feel comfortable coming to us for the support and guidance they need. 

Pinpointing The Problem

We help you identify the issue.

We understand there’s no universal solution to evaluations and treatment. We spend time to help you identify the problem so we can make precise recommendations out of the thousands of clinicians in our database.

Client Navigation

Caring, Hands-On Direction


Initial Call

We listen to the symptoms you are experiencing and clarify information.


Your Referral

We recommend clinicians best suited to your individual situation.



We follow-up with you to ensure the arrangement is working.


Optional Solutions

We direct you to an alternate solution if needed.

A Bridge To Mental Health Services

Geared Towards Success

Restly Shape

A Bridge To Mental Health Services

Geared Towards Success

Case By Case

Each case is viewed on its own merit and analyzed from circumstantial, financial and logistical angles to effectively make recommendations that address individual needs.

Comprehensive Guidance

We guide each client throughout, responding to their calls, answering questions, helping them distinguish between effective and ineffective treatment, as well as understanding the process.

Seeking Support Early Improves Treatment Outcomes

Our experience has shown that seeking support early, significantly improves treatment outcomes.

The Road to Mental Health
Recovery Begins Here

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