How to Start the Process

Contacting Relief Resources is the first step to finding the resources you need to help yourself or a loved one. Our highly trained staff of experienced and caring referral specialists will help you navigate the process of finding the best resources for your particular need.


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However you choose to get in touch, please know that we strive to return all messages as soon as possible. During high volume/peak times, please be patient, as our call volume usually exceeds 250 incoming calls daily.

Confidentiality: All information provided to Relief is confidential. Although our referral agents are not providing therapy, we nevertheless have adopted as our policy to observe the HIPAA guidelines of confidentiality. Additionally, callers have the choice to remain anonymous.

How Relief Works

Relief provides referrals for callers seeking an appropriate mental health clinician for themselves or a loved one. Our referrals are drawn from a vast database of psychotherapists and psychiatrists, which is categorized by specialty, location, gender, therapeutic technique, insurance participation and fees.

Referrals are made to those specific clinicians who possess the experience and expertise for the particular condition being described by the caller as well as personal factors. We personally interview the clinicians and gather information about the clinician’s education, training, and experience. Relief does follow-ups with clients to learn about the effectiveness of our referrals, which also offers us the opportunity to learn more about the clinicians.

How We Make Our Referrals

Many factors contribute to the nature of the referral. First, our referral specialists will do an intake over the phone in order to collect enough information to make a proper referral. In deciding whom to refer, the referral specialist will take many factors into account. The most important factor is that the clinician should be highly experienced and effective in treating your particular issue.

Next, we take into account such factors as your personal preferences regarding gender, age, religious background, and personality. Location and financial considerations are also discussed to find the best match possible.

Relief Process