Successful 'Zoom' Therapy Is Possible

How To Make The Most Of Zoom Therapy
Therapy in personis usuallythe bestoption for treatment. However,when this not available, videoconferencing options are a worthwhile, therapeutic method. Here are a few ways to enhance the experience and effectiveness.
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection
  • If you use something other than a laptop or desktop, make sure you have a stable stand to ensure you can see the clinician and the clinician can see you – clearly
  • Use headphones to improve the audio connection
  • Chose a quiet room. Find a space where you can comfortably talk without worry of people walking by or noise from outside. DO NOT do this in your car or garage,unless there are no other options available!
  • Limit distractions. Pretend as if you are leaving your house for the appointment. Who is watching the kids? If you need to do this during your work day, make sure to let your colleagues know you are on break and will not be expected to answer calls or questions
  • Comfort is key. Get a blanket, hot chocolate/coffee, tissue or anything else you can think of to make the space as warm and inviting as possible.
  • Be open with your clinician as to any technical issues on their side. Can you hear them properly? Do they have good lighting? Are they being interrupted by outside distractions (especially if they too, are working remotely)? It is important that you sharefeedback so they can improve the experience for you.