Why Give

Why Give?

Supporters and friends like you ensure that Relief Resources will never stop transforming lives. Your gift, whatever its size, makes a huge difference in assuring that thousands of people will continue to have a resource to reach out to for much needed support, guidance and advice.

Because you can make a difference

Through gifts from donors and friends like you, Relief has:

  • Assisted those afflicted with life threatening eating disorders
  • Helped numerous couples work through issues in their marriage and achieve serenity in their home.
  • Given thousands of children the chance they deserve
  • Restored equilibrium to the lives of those suffering from anxiety, depression, OCD and more
  • Given new life to the many victims of molestation and abuse, whose lives were robbed from them
  • Distributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to individual with no idea how to pay for their life-changing treatment
  • Recovers hundreds of thousands of dollars per year through an innovative mental health insurance advocacy program
  • Offered referrals, guidance, and a listening ear to those collapsing under the burden of mental health crisis
  • Made the world a better, more hopeful, meaningful place